the future of food using fungi

We aspire to unlock all of the amazing potential that mycelium has to offer the world of food. Based in Singapore, Asia’s hub for food technology, we build solutions and products that stretch the boundaries of the food industry - creating better products and more sustainable consumption patterns.

bringing tech into food with our 3c platform


Process of matching the most suitable strains & substrates from our library.


Applying a suitable fermentation technology from our slate to obtain the desired form and texture.


Preparation of our mycoproteins to be used as either an ingredient, meat analogue or supplement.

Meet The Team


CEO - Shiva Susarla

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Shiva is the Founder of Renergii Venture Studio, the foodtech venture studio that supports Mycovation. He has a deep passion for building and scaling ideas through circular economy principles and lean innovation. He also works on this vision as the founder of Circular Cities Asia and as a Edmund Hillary Fellow.


Dr. Yashaswini Balaraju

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An exploration into sustainability led Dr Yashu towards mushroom cultivation in her free time while earning her PhD in Biotechnology. She brings her passion for fungi and her 8 years in research and production to lead our product development. Her 12 years of co-running a Yoga studio also brings a calm mindfulness that guides Mycovation’s vision of a better future through food.


Dr. Yong Xing Tan

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Dr. Yong Xing is our resident fermentation expert - turning our mycelium strains into all sorts of amazing products. As a chemical engineer with deep experience in food fermentation, he leads development of our bioreactors, upscaling our production and analyzing all of the nutritional data. When he’s not wearing a lab coat, you can find him working on his physical fitness and researching healthy lifestyles.


Incubated at Innovate360 in Singapore and supported by Asia’s leading Foodtech Venture Studio, Renergii, we are all working hard to explore and refine how mycelium can improve the way we produce and consume food.

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